Our Commitments

Our core principle is to do the right thing not only for our customers, but also all consumers, employees, suppliers, the community, and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to the vision and ethos of the business. We’re fiercely committed to changing our communities for the better.

Our operations are guided by respect for human rights, moral integrity, preservation and protection of the environment, and sustainability. These are non-negotiable for us, as we take full responsibility for our environmental and social impact on the community.

For us, business success doesn’t simply look like numbers and growth, it’s also about living up to our responsibilities to the planet, and the greater good.



We consider it critical to leave a positive legacy for the next generation. We’re committed to building a better future by creating sustainable and ethical food products and practices that help protect our planet.

We’re reducing our commercial waste and carbon emissions as part of our wider commitment to sustainability. We are also continuingly improving the sustainability credentials of our products and packaging. You can read about our various initiatives below.


We conduct our business in accordance with the belief that we have a responsibility to nurture communities in which we operate. Our work in this area includes supporting philanthropic programs that drive social change, fostering workplace diversity and inclusion, and creating a safe, healthy, and positive workplace for our employees.

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Our lifelong obsession

Policies & Reporting

We have formalised our commitments to sustainable and ethical sourcing, protection of the environment, preservation of human rights, and support of communities in a suite of policies available in the below link.

We take seriously our annual reporting obligations and make public progress made towards stated targets.

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We believe that business success is thanks to the talent and passion of our people. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded people to join our team.