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Our Story

We’re in the business of food, flavour, and experience. Our passion is creating food that draws in a crowd, takes people by surprise, and clears their plate. 

Creating food experiences worth sharing.

At Conga Foods, we’re in the business of food, flavour, and experience. Our passion is creating food that draws in a crowd, takes people by surprise, and clears their plate. This has been our motivation since we opened our first continental grocery store in the heart of Melbourne.

That was over 70 years ago.

As a family-owned business, we have embraced our rich Italian heritage and been inspired by Australia’s diverse cultural palate to find new ways to satisfy people’s desire for truly delicious, real food. Our passion and knowledge of food drives us to be curious and inventive with ideas intrinsic to our DNA. We’re constantly looking to uncover new flavours and fresh interpretations of the classics to inspire generations of cooks, chefs, foodies, and newbies.x`

Our family

Our Family

The Conga Foods story is the Valmorbida family story which has, built the company up from a single bricks and mortar store to the national business it is today.

The current Valmorbida generation continue to lead the business with the same passion for quality, authenticity, and relationships as their father and grandfather.

meet the team

Meet The Team

We are friendly and approachable people who love life and are passionate about creating delicious, real food for everyone to enjoy. We take the time to get to know people, mostly by eating and sharing food. We have great depth of knowledge and strive to always be our best which sets us apart from the rest.

our story


We believe that business success is thanks to the talent and passion of our people. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded people to join our team.

Year 1925-29

Ovens Valley, Victoria, 1926-27


Fulvio Valmorbida travels from Valli del Pasubio (Northern Italy) to Australia where he worked in the tobacco fields in the Ovens Valley (North-east Victoria). Soon thereafter he’s joined by his wife and son, and acquires a 200-acre farm at Myrtleford, Victoria with a small house and drying kilns for curing tobacco.

Year 1931-49

Fulvio, Agnese and family. Saverio stands second from the right


Fulvio and his family return to Italy with a small profit from the farming in Australia and a keen eye for business. Fulvio starts running two grocery shops and a small farm as his own business. It’s during this difficult period of World War II that the family grows to eight.

Year 1950-55

An early Agostino truck


Fulvio’s eldest son, Carlo, returns to Australia in 1950 and starts to work in a small continental grocery store in Carlton, Melbourne called Frank Agostino, known for stocking European specialty foods such as lentils and chickpeas. Four months later, he’s joined by the rest of the family, and in 1951, Fulvio and his three eldest sons purchase the business for 15,000 sterling.

Year 1955-64

Saverio working at Frank Agostino


In 1955, Saverio purchases his father’s share of Frank Agostino and the four sons embark on a vision to expand the business and retail footprint, which includes the now famous King & Godfree in Lygon Street Melbourne. With their entrepreneurial endeavour, they form two additional new businesses; Jarvis and Macquarie. Jarvis focused on importing food from around the world whereas Macquarie, a tuna fishing business, pioneers the now popular concept of canned tuna in olive oil under its now iconic brand, Sirena.

Year 1964

Conga Foods in Nicholson Street, Carlton North (Melbourne)


The brothers incorporate a wholesale company and Conga Foods is formed. The origins of the name is thought to stand for Continental Grocery Association. However, its orgins actually come from the coal-fired heater that various grocery store owners would gather around during winter.

Year 1964-74

Conga Foods truck with branded livery: ‘Sirena’ Tuna, ‘Bisleri FerroChina’ and ‘Sasso’ Olive Oil


During this decade, Conga Foods experiences great success through new brands like ‘Salvo’ and ‘Coppa D’oro’ Oils, ‘Sasso’ Olive Oil, ‘Locatelli’ cheeses, ‘Jarlsberg’ cheese, ‘Sirena’ Tuna, ‘Bisleri Ferro-China’ drinks, ‘La Gina’ tomatoes, and ‘Saclà’ sauces and antipasti. Conga Foods expands its operations into Adelaide in 1965 and pioneers bottled mineral water under the ‘Bisleri’ brand in 1968, now famous as the ‘Deep Spring’ mineral water brand.

Year 1974-94

In 1984, the Conga Foods head office moves to Bell Street, Preston


After his brothers leave the business, Saverio continues to build the business through the addition of brands like ‘Lavazza’ coffee, ‘Bialetti’ coffee makers, ‘Green Valley’ olives, ‘Zanetti’ and ‘Soresina’ cheeses, ‘Santamaria’ sardines, ‘Ceriotti’ rice, ‘Paluani’ Italian cakes and the creation of market leading ‘Moro’ olive oil brand. During this period, Conga Foods continues to build a national market presence through new operations in Sydney and Brisbane.

Year 1994-2000

Print advertising for Moro and Green Valley


As the sole owner of Conga Foods, Saverio embarks on a new era of growth and renewal. In addition to old favourites like Moro, Salvo and Green Valley, Conga Foods also launches Val Verde tomato products, Kimbo coffee and Sole Mare canned fish.

Year 2000-10

Val Verde and DC Specialty Coffee Roasters logos


Seeing a growing market for locally roasted boutique coffee, Conga Foods launched a new company in 2002 called ‘Caffe Ducale’, later rebranded as ‘dc Specialty Coffee Roasters’. During this period, the business continues its strong growth by retaining its market leading brands while introducing Australians to new food experiences such as prosciutto and Dutch cheeses.

Year 2010-2019


A new generation of Valmorbida leadership is introduced to Conga Foods with siblings David, Marc and Bianca entering the business and driving further innovation and business growth.

In 2015, Conga Foods disrupts the olive oil category by teaming up with other Australian family businesses to launch ‘Squeaky Gate Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil'. Over this period, it also introduces several leading international brands, including Cirio, Rummo, and the world’s favourite filled pasta brand, Rana, in 2018. The family also launches a new sister company in 2015, Pakval, providing specialised warehousing and distribution services to other entrepreneurial, Australian companies.

Year 2020-Present

Solar panels and Conga Foods warehouse, Coburg North


A new decade presents new horizons and opportunities. Having marked its 70-year milestone, Conga Foods reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the environment and changing communities for the better. The business continues to source products responsibly, invest in renewable solar power, and support charitable organisations with philanthropic donations.

In 2021, the Valmorbida family purchased MaxFoods and its most recognisable brand Ocean Blue. Conga Foods now proudly distributes Australia’s No. 1 brand for smoked salmon and related chilled seafood products. The business also introduced the iconic Italian gelato brand Sammontana to Australia with its Barattolino tubs and Gruvi sticks product ranges.

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We believe that business success is thanks to the talent and passion of our people. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded people to join our team.