We bring over 70 years of

Knowledge, Passion, and Experience

We’re experts in authentic, crafted foods, and have earnt the reputation as a trusted and astute familyowned business that genuinely values relationships.

We’re food innovators, and with innovation comes a natural curiosity and appetite for new ideas to create value for our customers.


Our depth of food knowledge means that we see opportunities that others may miss and are agile in their execution.


We are easy to interact with and take the time listen to our customers’ needs and ideas.


We constantly challenge our preconceptions and look for new and better ways of doing things.


We celebrate our heritage as a strength while embracing change.


We enjoy a challenge and constantly strive to provide the best possible products and service for our customers.

Our departments

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

We work hard to understand the changing tastes and preferences of our customers and consumers. We know the value of listening and building relationships while also using the latest data and research to create insights and opportunities.
We aim to be a truly indispensable partner that is focused on creating value that benefits all. We are keen learners who constantly evolve to stay ahead of the competition and deliver outstanding product experiences.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department ensures the importation, storage, handling, and delivery of goods always meets the highest possible standards. This ensures customers have complete confidence in our products at every stage, from raw materials to products, shelves to plates.

As part of our Approved Supplier Program, we work with reliable and ethical suppliers who share our commitment to food safety and product quality.

Our team strive to exceed internal and external audit targets and we proudly comply with the following standards and requirements:



Our purchasing team ensures the timely flow of goods and materials across the business and subscribe to the mantra “deliver quality with precision”. The team has built strong relationships with our suppliers over many years which encourages problem solving, creativity, and collaboration to identify potential issues before they arise. They excel in planning, sourcing, and purchasing goods both locally and internationally.
Warehouse & Logistics Solutions

Warehouse & Logistics Solutions

Our national network of storage facilities enables us to quickly adapt to the shifting needs and requirements of our customers. We have 26,000sqm of warehouses nationally with multi-temperature chamber capability and are planning an additional 10,000sqm of capacity.

We consistently meet customer expectations from local delis to large scale national supermarket chains. Our team are smart, nimble, and responsive.
Our sister company Pakval also provides third party warehouse and logistics solutions for different businesses. For more information visit: