Grievance Report

Corval Group (‘Corval’), including Conga Foods Pty Ltd, dc Specialty Coffee Roasters and Pakval Warehouse Solutions, encourages anyone whose fundamental and universal human rights and freedoms may be negatively impacted by our business activities – including employees, suppliers, customers or community members – to connect with our business.
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Matters that can be reported

General comments or feedbacks about our business or products can be made here. This Grievance Report mechanism is for any reasonably suspected occurrence of serious misconduct or wrongdoing in a Corval business, such as:

How to report a grievance

Corval has both informal and formal ways in which concerns can be raised depending on your circumstances and the level of seriousness of the issue.

If you are comfortable, you are encouraged to raise a concern informally -either verbally or in writing – with your direct manager (for Corval employees) or, for employees or anyone else wishing to make a report, to the following Corval Whistleblower Protection Officers:

Chief Financial Officer:
Head of People & Culture:
Legal Officer:

Reports can be made verbally in person or by phoning +61 3 9487 9500 and requesting one of the abovementioned Officers.

Reports may also be made by post to c/- Legal Officer, Corval Group, 150 Newlands Road, North Coburg VIC 3058 (or marked to the attention of one of the Protected Disclosure Officers referred to above).

Reports may also be lodged by completing the online form below.

Reporting Anonymously

You may make a confidential report or choose to disclose your identity, it is your choice.

Generally, Corval encourages you to provide your name as to assist in addressing the matter. This will help us to acquire any further information required for a complete investigation and consider remediation where appropriate in the circumstance. Where you provide your identity, Corval undertakes to protect your identity and keep any identifying features of your report confidential wherever possible.

A report may be submitted anonymously if you do not wish to disclose your identity.

In this instance, an investigation will be conducted as best as possible in the circumstances however, please be aware that an investigation may not be possible unless sufficient information is provided, and it may make it difficult to offer you the same level of practical support if we do not know your identity or do not have a way in which to connect and take remediation steps with any potential victim.