Australian Olive Oil is marvellous stuff. With so many passionate producers we decided to follow the olive harvest from grower to grower – squeaky gate to squeaky gate. That’s how we bring you the pick of the crop.

We’re about making food better and we’re happy to share. That’s why we’re literally opening the gate to great Australian olive oil. And if you’ve ever visited an Australian farm you’ll know exactly where our name’s from!

We’re big fans of simple pleasures: shopping at local grower markets, spontaneous visits, unplanned evenings and cooking uncomplicated food in the company of friends and family. There’s no need for complex recipes and obscure ‘artisanal’ ingredients. At our table, it’s about real, fresh ingredients and fun!

This sense of community is vital to us: feeling connected with life, with our growers with family and friends. We help create connections between our growers and you – our customers – by producing great, honest Australian olive oil. 



The Mild One Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Everybody has reliable ‘go-to’ ingredients that add a certain something. They’re the unsung heroes of your pantry. It’s a subtle blend, with a delicate fruity aroma, a touch of pepper and a smooth creamy finish.
It’s crisp and delicate to lift fine flavours without overwhelming them. Perfect with seafood, summer salads and baking. Happily submits to dipping.

The All Rounder Hero Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The secret to being an all-rounder is having enough character to make an impression without coming on too strong. A medium intensity blend, this fruity classic is perfect for pastas, white meat and salads.
Its fresh, cut green grass scent has a hint of tomatoes and a moderate peppery finish.

The Strong One Hero Extra Virgin Olive Oil
There’s one in every crowd, a personality that steps up and leads the way to good times. A robust, intense blend with a medium grassy aroma, this Squeaky Gate’s the life and soul of hearty cooking.
Big & bold; stands up to the full-on flavours, putting its elbows and a touch of pepper and bite on the table.


So if you believe in simple, honest cooking with authentic ingredients, open the Squeaky Gate and come on in!



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