We are an 100% Australian owned brand that is steeped in European heritage and artisan tradition.
We combine the finest of our sea and land to create a canned tuna like no other. Sole Mare Yellowfin Tuna is based on the Mediterranean way of preserving freshly caught fish called conservata where oils or water are used to infuse the meat of the fish with flavour and to preserve its natural texture. Because of the care that we take our taste is superior to all others. Whether you are making a light salad, rich pasta or a novel twist on bruschetta, Sole Mare is designed for when tuna is at the heart of your dish.

SM brand page images_italyAt Sole Mare we use only the best natural ingredients. For generations, Yellowfin has been the choice of our forbears because of its light meat which is tender and succulent, the natural qualities of how it flakes off the fork and the richness of its flavour. We preserve our Yellowfin naturally through combining freshly caught and dressed Yellowfin with the finest natural ingredients to preserve the meat and lock the depth of flavour in for years to come.

As life has gotten busier and busier we have branched out to develop our “Quality Meals” that offers a taste of the simple life from a Mediterranean fishing village in the middle of the chaos of modern day life. All of our Sole Mare products are as good for you and our recipe combinations are based on quality ingredients found in the daily diet of the inhabitants of the places that inspired them. Our tuna is rich in natural omega three, vitamins, anti-oxidants and protein and packed full of flavour.

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At Sole Mare we are working hard to also preserve the best tasting tuna you can eat for the next generation. We are changing our fishing practices to make sure that we are catching Yellowfin in a more sustainable manner through fishing methods that ensure our whole fleet is operating in a ‘Fish Aggregating Device’ free environment, and where possible using Pole-and-Line. We are also working with our providers of olive oil to ensure that olives used in the crushing process are of the highest quality, producing the best quality olive oil.

Our everyday range, available in olive oil, olive oil with chilli and springwater, are pantry staples. Sole Mare uses only pure olive oil so you know you’re getting the best and tastiest tuna. Our premium Quality Meals are yellowfin tuna blended with olive oil and ingredients such as beans, pasta and herbs.

Find Sole Mare at all good independent supermarkets and delis.


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