Rana pasta was founded in 1962 in Verona, Italy, by Giovanni Rana.  Thanks to his passion for authentic Italian flavours and his careful selection of the best ingredients, Giovanni Rana won over real Italian pasta connoisseurs, becoming the most popular fresh pasta in Italy.

Rana’s brand has earned a high global reputation and today Giovanni Rana’s company is the largest producer of fresh filled pasta in the world, and the number one brand for fresh filled pasta in Europe.

Rana’s filled pasta is generously filled with over 50 per cent using genuine ingredients, and contains no preservatives. The pasta dough is produced using a system that delivers paper-thin pasta sheets (0.7mm thick), allowing for a better taste of the fillings.

They can be stirred through your favourite pasta sauce recipe or also be enjoyed as they come. Simply coat with in a little bit of butter or oil and Buon Appetito!