Kimbo was founded by the Rubino Brothers in 1963 under the company Café do Brasil to supply quality coffee to households and cafes. Kimbo is one of the great Italian success stories that started in the 1950s in the historical centre of Naples where a small roasting plant was set up. At the height of the exhilarating economic boom of the 1960s, the coffee market reached a significant turning point: new packaging systems allowed the product to be sold in tins. The founders of the company understood the importance of this innovation, which offered better preservation of the product and a wider distribution.

Producing coffee with an unmistakable flavour and aroma true to the Neapolitan tradition is one of the key elements that have determined Kimbo’s success. The original idea of the founders of the company, that half a century later is still a winner, was to produce on an industrial scale a product that reflects the authentic Neapolitan taste for coffee. Over the centuries a veritable cult of coffee has emerged in Naples: here, the skills and techniques of selecting coffees from different origins and expertly roasting and blending have gained Naples the title of world capital of coffee.

The recipe for authentic Kimbo Espresso starts with the selection of the best ingredients. At the plantations in the coffee producing countries the Kimbo experts select the best varieties of coffee produced: the sweetness of Brazilian coffees, the hint of spice in those from India, the delicacy of those from Colombia and the characteristic acidity of the coffees from Central America combine perfectly in the exquisite Kimbo blends.

Today, Kimbo has offices and distribution all over the world to spread the cult of espresso, from London to Australia; Russia to South Africa. Their mission is to work with commitment and passion to guarantee coffee of excellent quality and unmistakable flavour, in the finest Neapolitan tradition; to offer the market a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of the consumers and the evolution in technology.

Find Kimbo at good independent supermarkets and continental delis.


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Espresso Napoletano – Well Balanced and Persistent
As good as coffee at a bar in Naples, with its intense flavour and long-lasting cream: espresso is the ultimate of coffees, the most authentic interpretation of all-Neapolitan art.



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100% Arabica – Delicate and Pleasant

An extraordinary blend of 100% fine Arabica coffee from Central and South America. A delicate flavour and tantalizing aroma.