DSC_0247Francesco Cirio was born in Asti, Italy in 1836 to a humble grain trader. The brilliant entrepreneur extended his capability by establishing tomato plantations and production sites in southern Italy, an ideal Mediterranean climate for growing tomatoes. Cirio actually invented the Margherita Pizza who dedicated it to the Italian Queen in 1912!

Soon after, Cirio preserved tomatoes became a common ingredient in Italian cooking. Cirio soon earned a reputation for top quality Italian products especially tomatoes, in Italy and abroad. Today, with more than 150 years of expertise and distribution across 60 countries, Cirio has become an icon in tomato production. Italian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world with preserved tomatoes forming an integral part of many core dishes.

The influence of tomatoes on Italian cuisine is unquestionable. Bringing versatility, intense vibrant colour and deep flavours to enrich many dishes that still enjoy global popularity – from the finest restaurants to everyday home cooking – no product has defined Italian cuisine more than the tomato, and this is where the expertise of Cirio lies.

background03Today, Cirio offers a the best possible Italian cooking experience of tomato products to home cooks and chefs.

Cirio offers Australians a range of the highest quality passata, tomato paste and canned tomatoes, available at all good independent supermarkets.


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