Cage-free Eggs

Our Commitment

Conga Foods recognises and strongly believes that animal welfare is an important issue and that we are responsible to take an influential role in affecting positive change via cooperation with our supply partners. As a business, we value the importance of environment, sustainability and animal welfare. In the case of cage-free eggs, we are firmly in support of ending the use of cage-eggs in the food industry.

The vast majority of Conga Foods own brands and our supply partners are already committed to the exclusive use of cage-free eggs, while we are focused on a transition of remaining minor supply partners to cage-free eggs as a priority.  Our commitment is to complete this transition by 2022. This means that every single egg, including any egg-derived ingredients, used in all products across our portfolio will be exclusively from hens that live in cage-free environments.

In line with our ethical sourcing practices, we work in collaboration with our supply chain partners to ensure accreditation and full compliance in the sourcing and formulation of products. The welfare of egg-laying hens forms part of our supplier audits, review and approvals program and we continually monitor and ethically source, ingredients using best industry practices.