13054931-0235-asparagus_blue_cheese_tarts.fogra39_RGBFor over 70 years, Sacla has been making food with care, flair and love. From our early beginnings in 1939, three generations of the Ercole family have built on the spirit of creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm that is at the heart of our philosophy and culture

Saclà was founded in Asti, in the fertile region of Piemonte, Northern Italy. For many centuries the “Astigiano” – the region around Asti – has been well-known for its abundance of delicious vegetables.

Our products are created in Italy from a fusion of bountiful ingredients such as sun-ripened vegetables, scented herbs, traditional cheeses and quality extra virgin olive oil. These are skillfully blended to create premium quality and delicious sauces, pestos and antipasti that combine intense, authentic flavours with ultimate convenience.

Our shared passion for both genuine Italian food and innovative ideas means our delicious products can now be found in kitchens in nearly 50 countries across the world. We invite you to explore what Sacla has to offer and share in celebrating our love of good food everyday.

Saclà’s famous range of traditional and contemporary pestos use fresh, hand-selected basil leaves and ground nuts blended with sunflower and extra virgin olive oil. Try our hero product, Classic Pesto, or for something different Wild Garlic, Tomato, Chilli and the new, versatile Squeeze Pesto.

13054931-0327-asparagus_salad.fogra39_RGBSaclà’s Cherry Tomato pasta sauce range each has their own personality, whether it be parmesan, chilli, basil or olives. Whole cherry tomatoes are slowly simmered with a soffrito base of celery, carrots and onions slowly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.

Combining convenience with intensity, Saclà Stir Through Pasta Sauces come in a range of tantalising flavours – Tomato and Garlic, Olive and Tomato and fiery Arrabbiata.

There’s no substitute for real ingredients and traditional recipes to create beautiful meals for friends and family. Buon Appetito!

Find your favourite Saclà sauce at Coles, Woolworths, good Independent supermarkets and delis.


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