Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P.
The secret of Prosciutto di Parma begins with a careful and accurate selection of the pigs. Prosciutto di Parma pigs must be specially bred Large White, Landrance and Duroc breeds, born and raised by authorised breeding farms located in 10 regions of central northern Italy. It is only here in the small area in the province of Parma, up to 5km south of the Via Emilia and up to 900 metres high, bordered to the east by the River Enza and to the west by the River Stirone, that the King of Cured Meats can be produced. The Parma pigs diet is a specially regulated blend of grains, cereals and whey from Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese production and the final product is cured for a minimum of 12 months. The hams are made from the rear haunches of the pig, and the curing is controlled carefully so that the ham absorbs only enough salt to preserve it. The meat becomes tender and the distinctive aroma and flavour of Parma Ham emerge.

Prosciutto di Parma is a D.O.P. product. D.O.P. (short for Protected Designation of Origin) is a European Community certification system designed to protect names and traditions of high-quality European foods made according to traditional methods in a defined geographic region. In addition to providing legally binding name protection for these products, the D.O.P system helps consumers, retailers, chefs, distributors and culinary professionals distinguish between authentic products and their many imitations.

Prosciutto di San Daniele D.O.P.
San Daniele ham is produced only in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, in the hilly area around the town of San Daniele in the province of Udine, in the extreme north-eastern part of Italy. Recognisable by its typical guitar-like shape, the presence of the trotter and the Consortium brand, San Daniele Prosciutto is made solely of the meat of pigs born and bred in Italy and sea salt. It is a natural product with no additives or preservatives of any kind. Ham-making know-how has been handed down for centuries in the town of San Daniele del Friuli. The attention paid to every detail, the typical gestures of the trade and the local climate enable the centuries old tradition of maturing of hams to be repeated again and again. As any form of freezing of the meat is forbidden, the fresh hams must reach San Daniele del Friuli rapidly for processing, recreating the natural rhythm of the seasons, using sea salt and without using any additives or preservatives. In San Daniele the maturing stage has to last for a minimum of 13 months.

San Francesco Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P.
The Prosciuttificio San Francesco began its operation in 1979 with two factories in Medesano-Parma and Castelnuovo Rangone-Modena. They guarantee satisfaction as they specialise in and produce only the best quality Prosciutti. Their production is highly specialised and are among the leading Italian producers of Prosciutto.

Selva Alimentari Prosciutto di San Daniele
Selva combine authenticity, quality and safety to become a long lasting market leader. In 2004, in accordance to its vocation to traditional Italian hams production, Selva invested a new plant in San Daniele del Friuli. Selva matures San Daniele prosciutto, combining knowledge and experience with the most efficient facilities and production standards to bring you only the best quality smallgoods.