Based in Soresina, in the central northern Italian region of Lombardy, Soresina Dairy is a co-operative of several high quality dairies that have been in operation since 1900. They are the biggest producers of Provolone cheese, offering two distinctively different Provolone flavours.

Provolone Dolce is a traditional, semi-hard Italian cheese aged up to 3 months. It’s a creamy, stretched curd cheese which has a mild, delicate and gentle flavour. It’s suitable for all purposes including table cheese, grating as well as being an ideal antipasto offering.

Provolone Piccante has a distinct flavour that is sharper than the dolce (mild) version of the same product. It’s aged at least 4 months and is slightly darker and firmer. Some consider this to have a spicy flavour, it can be a great addition to any cheese platter.

Enjoy Soresina cheese at Coles or good independent supermarkets and delis.