Consorcio Jamon Serrano


Since 1990, the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español has been the Association uniting the main Serrano ham producers-exporters in Spain.

Ham is a very complex product and it is difficult to guarantee its ultimate quality. Therefore, the final selection of each piece is our secret to ensuring a homogeneous and standardised product in all the Consorcio Serrano Hams. Only a limited amount of Spanish Serrano Hams are worthy of the “Exclusive Signature” or Consorcio Serrano Quality Seal.

Serrano ham is a delicacy that is both gastronomical and cultural, a gourmet product since ancient times until the present day, a great representative of a tradition, of a society and of a culture that turns gastronomy into an art.

Their unique combination of properties and organoleptic characteristics establish Serrano hams as an exquisite product appropriate to enjoy at any occasion, whether during your day-to-day or at celebrations.


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