Royal Friesland Campina is a multinational company that produces and markets natural, nutritious and high-quality dairy products and ingredients.

Taste, health, convenience and reliability are key characteristics. The products of Friesland Campina are all part of everyday life and reach millions of people in more than 100 countries around the world.

Royal Friesland Campina uses premium ingredients to ensure its authentic Dutch cheeses taste consistently superior. Three key factors are essential to the production of Friesland Campina cheeses: origin, craftsmanship and natural goodness.

Royal Friesland Campina has four major brands with Conga Foods including “Royal Hollandia” which includes traditional cheese products such as Gouda, Edam & Maasdam, “Orange Windmill” with premium flavoured Dutch cheeses and the premium “A Dutch Masterpiece” brand which boasts aged Dutch cheese products.

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Royal Hollandia
Expert cheese makers at Royal Hollandia guarantee a range of delicious products that are the Dutch cheese of choice for Australian consumers. This is why only our top quality products are awarded with the Royal Hollandia brand. Royal Hollandia offers a range of traditional Dutch cheeses at different stages of maturity and with a variety of formats; from mild to matured, from blocks to wheels. With this assortment, Royal Hollandia provides a cheese for everyone.


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Orange Windmill
The Orange Windmill brand offers a range of delicately flavoured Dutch cheeses, enriched with the finest ingredients, based on the traditional Dutch method of cheese making. This unique combination results in an incomparable range of Dutch specialty cheeses. These cheeses are adored by cheese lovers worldwide, who appreciate quality and pleasure and care for traditions in a contemporary way. The name Orange Windmill encompasses two distinct elements of Dutch heritage; the windmill is a characteristic feature of the Dutch landscape, standing out over the typically flat lowlands, and the colour orange is widely associated with Dutch culture, largely due to the royal family name Van Oranje. The design of the cheese packaging is based on the world famous Dutch Delftware, with its borders of hand-painted figures. Like the Delftware, Orange Windmill cheeses are made in the traditional way, making every cheese a work of craftsmanship.



Dutch masterpiece_GROUP SHOTDutch Masterpiece
Around the world, the Dutch are renowned for producing a wide variety of high quality products. A Dutch Masterpiece cheeses are no exception. The expertise and talent of Holland were best showcased during the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries by several exceptionally skilled Dutch painters, such as Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Frans Hals. It is this inspiration that led to the production of a premium range of Dutch cheeses under the brand of A Dutch Masterpiece. While creating this range the goal was the same of the Dutch painters all those years ago – to create something so exquisite that it gives pleasure across the world. Every cheese in the Dutch Masterpiece range has been created to deliver an authentic taste experience like no other. Each variety has its own carefully selected characteristic recipe and ripening process which results in a distinctive and refined texture, taste and flavour.