Bergbaron Reserve, Creamy with character

Pronounced:  Berg bar on                         Meaning: Mountain Baron

Its smooth flavour combined with a straw-yellow, medium-firm texture and a delightfully creamy and characteristically sweetish aroma, makes Bergbaron Austria`s most beloved and best known cheese.

This cheese is steeped in a rich tradition and has received the AMA “Käsekaiser” title and numerous other awards over the years. Bergbaron has been produced in Feldkirchen, Upper Austria since 1977. The propionic acid fermentation process lends this large-eye, semi-hard cheese its sweetish-mild taste.

In Bergbaron Reserve, the Austrian master cheese makers sought to unite the sweetness of a large-eyed cheese with the tanginess of red cultures, which they succeeded in doing by combining the two ripening processes. Bergbaron Reserve owes its unique flavour, juicy bite and slightly piquant flavour to this method.